Sunday, 4 January 2015


I volunteer every other Sunday at church at the nursery. I have been doing it for years with a break when it was more harm than good. Right now is good for me. I get to spend time hugging and playing with beautiful babies that give me great smiles. I also volunteer with an amazing friend and we get to talk a lot.
Today my friend was sick and I volunteered with one of the moms. She is not just a mom, she also volunteers with the older kids and today helped in the nursery because her baby is there. Her third kid.
It wasn't a really good day for me. I got to play with the babies and have fun with them but the other volunteer was feeling sick. That's not so bad except she actually told me twice in that one hour that she preferred to be sick than being pregnant again. Or that even though another kid would be a blessing, she definitely doesn't want another one, and other comments like that.
I smiled, distracted myself, changed the subject, anything but acknowledge her. Such a painful comment. The fact that I didn't scream or cry is almost a miracle. It speaks mountains to how well I'm feeling right now. I should be mad, I should be depressed, but I'm just a bit upset at just another insensitive comment.
I have faith, I have hope. This is not the end.