Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tick Tock

Such a crawling few days. Even nights crawl when you can't sleep or keep awakening every hour or so. Nothing much to report here except that feeling physically better makes you go insane in the 2WW and you blame it on not having worked (the cycle).

Since I am going crazy doing numbers in my head, I decided to put a lid on it by actually calculating everything fair and square and writing about it. I know once I do it, I can let it go and continue with the waiting without calculating every couple of minutes, so here it is.

I have done 3 IUIs, 2 IVF (counting this one) and 1 FET. On the IUIs I was in a type of progesterone, on the IVFs I have been in another one (both IVF the same one) and on the FET on another one. With the IUIs I didn't get my period until I was told it had not worked and to stop the progesterone, then 2 days later (after stopping) I would get "the visit". During the IVF and the FET I got my period BEFORE the blood test, so I would call them to move it ahead, and go in knowing it had not worked (no, it doesn't make it better). So, now I wonder, when/if am I getting my period before Friday when I have my blood test scheduled.

Lets see the numbers:

IUI #1: Trigger Jul 6, insemination Jul 8, period Jul 25 (day 17 after insemination, 19 after trigger)

IUI #2: Trigger Aug 3, insemination Aug 5, period Aug 23 (day 18 after insemination, 20 after trigger)

IUI #3: Trigger Nov 26, insemination Nov 28, period Dec 15 (day 17 after insemination, 19 after trigger)

IVF #1: Trigger March 20th, transfer March 27, period April 6 (day 10 after transfer, day 17 after trigger)

FET #1: Transfer June 16th, period June 29 (day 13 after transfer, no trigger, but equivalent would have happened 19 days after trigger)

IVF #2: Trigger Nov 22, transfer Nov 27 (today is 16 days after trigger, embryos are 14 days old and we are 11 days past 3 day transfer)

If we go with the progesterone pattern and compare IVF with IVF, then if this cycle didn't work I would get my period tomorrow.

If we go with trigger average (it triggers ovulation and period comes 14 days after ovulation), then if this cycle didn't work I would get my period on Friday (day of the test).

Basically I am where I started, I don't know anything today and need to wait, yeay -_- Since we are 11dp3dt I could do a pharmacy pregnancy test and it would show if it worked or not, but there are 2 reasons not to, false negatives due to late implanters and if it's negative I agonize on it for the next few days until the blood test confirms it. Agonizing over a false test for a few days, or wonder and ask over the few days? Personal choice, I still don't know my answer except that J wants the wonder and ask over the negative test. While we don't test we are still pregnant, once we do, we could not be.

Time is craaaawwwwling.... Tick Tock...