Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The pain of infertility

I was reading this article the other day and it really resonated with me. It is called "The Pain of Infertility". I would recommend you to go ahead and read the whole thing, but I wanted to specially share the following part:

Infertility is a prolonged shriek of pain that makes no sound. It is the woman who averts her eyes each time she passes a baby in a stroller, wells up at the sight of a diaper ad, goes numb when a friend announces that she’s pregnant. It is the man who resents providing semen samples in plastic cups, dreads injecting his wife with fertility drugs, longs for spontaneous sex.
Infertility is also the only medical condition that involves two people, but produces three patients: him, her, and them. He resents her obsessive talk about babies; she accuses him of insensitivity. Together, they nurse a lifetime of shared grievances: the disruptive visits to the doctor’s offices, the exorbitant costs, and the thoughtless comments of relatives and friends. Month after month, often year after year, they endure the physical emotional, and financial toll, all in hope of fulfilling one of nature’s elementary designs.

So true, so real. I almost cried reading the first paragraph I pasted here. It is a very accurate description of the pain. The next part, the 3 patients? Couldn't have described it better.