Thursday, 24 July 2014


Everyone searches for something at some point. My search right now is about getting pregnant, or accepting that I won't if that is what will happen. Searching for the knowledge once and for all of what is meant to be, what is destined for me.

I started searching years and years ago. I have been through many lows and through many highs not related to the baby department, but for which I am very grateful. I am on my quest in a second fertility clinic, and my soon to be second IUI. I want to share my path, my experiences, and what I learn and feel. I want to learn how you feel, what you know, what you lived to get to where you are.

I have many questions, most of which will have no answer until I find what I'm searching for, but if you are up for the ride, I would love to hear yours. If you are out there and reading, lets search together! This is my ride, but the company is always the best part of an adventure :)