Saturday, 26 July 2014

The ghosts are out

People say that you see what you want to see, which can be proven by the wonderful pastime of cloud watching :-)

There is also its counterpart, where you find everywhere the very thing you least want to see. If you are afraid of rats, they will show up to you. If you freak out about hair in the food, you will be the one with the one hair in it.

I think infertility produces the second kind. You see pregnant women, or little babies everywhere. All your friends are having babies, you get invited to all these baby showers, and of course there is always at least one unplanned pregnancy too. If you manage to survive the wave (always worse in your hardest moments), then you get all the kid's parties and still all the pregnant women (they don't stop!). There is no escape.

So we have random pregnant women, and pregnant friends with their little kids. If you manage to avoid those, be prepared for the world news! These past 2 weeks I have seen the largest number of news about parents killing, torturing or abandoning their kids. Here I am, fighting tooth and nail to have one, and these people don't have a care in the world for theirs. Why do they get the opportunity and fail miserably and I don't get the chance to give someone a hopefully wonderful life?

Those sort of questions bring two topics for the future: Is it because I complain too much "why not me?" and "should we adopt?". For now, I still try to see the little things that bring me happiness, and I still get to hug all those cute little kids without the diaper changing :-)