Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Inject, Cry, Repeat

I started the stimulation phase on Friday. Ultrasound, blood work, injections. At least in this clinic I don't have to go every day at the beginning, but on the other hand that means I have to inject myself. So, went for ultrasound and blood work in the morning plus training about how to inject myself (including J so he can help me) and a "goodie bag" full of medicine to last me until Monday at my next appointment. I also had to pay enough money that I couldn't put it all in one credit card, fun.

Friday afternoon J injected me and everything went great, painless, easy. Saturday I injected myself with J supervising to make sure I could actually do it. Not that great, bled a tiny bit but survived, I also did it on the other side of my belly button. Then it came Sunday, J wasn't going to be at home so I asked my mom to be with me on Skype. I did it myself, I managed, but I made myself bleed more than before, and because it was on the same side as Friday it also hurt more, and because I tried to do too much I also pinched myself with the needle on my knee, sigh... That night I cried.

After that I cry after every injection. Everything has been going ok on the monitoring appointments, but I am tired, I fall sleep at 8pm, I am sore, bloated, and get headaches after each injection. J is back at injecting me so I am not bleeding anymore, but yesterday we also added an extra injection to stop me from ovulating and that one has to be in the morning, so injections in the morning and injections in the afternoon. Injections at home, injections in the car. Injections and more injections.

We inject, I cry, we repeat.