Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Yesterday was my retrieval. I feel like it was a bit less painful at this clinic. It might have been that I had way less follicles, or I had more drugs in my system, but at least I survived it. The process started on the left foot, with the nurse trying to get the IV on my left arm. It doesn't work!! I am tired of telling nurse after nurse that my left arm is useless for IVs or to draw blood, they all end up having to switch. After switching to my left wrist, then it was very similar to the first IVF. Wait, go to the operating room, have the doctor come in, get the eggs, tell me how many, go to the recovery room, feel better, go home and rest.

They got 4 eggs, which is a lot lower from the 11 on my first try, but I am hoping these are better quality!. I still haven't received the call to tell me how many fertilized, so I'm up the walls and a nervous mess. Can't concentrate on work or anything else but look at the phone every few seconds to see yet again that is is ON and that I don't have any missed calls. Please call me!!!

During egg retrieval, they go through the uterine wall with a big needle to aspirate the eggs in the follicle.
Today I have some pain left from it, specially when I go to the washroom, but it also includes walking and changing positions, so yet another reminder of what happened yesterday!

This cycle we are also doing ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), which is the direct injection of the sperm to the egg to make sure the doctor is choosing the best possible sperm instead of some random one, plus helping the sperm getting exactly where it needs to.

If there are fertilized eggs, aka embryos, then we would do a transfer tomorrow or Friday! To the people at the clinic: Please call now!!!