Tuesday, 19 August 2014


This song is absolutely perfect. (The translation is not perfect though but good enough :-))

Let me tell you all the things that make this song so perfect for me:

1. I remember growing up with this song. Didn't know what it said in English, but I knew "chiquitita" and it sounded like a very happy song. I also kinda remember my parents calling me this a few times before.

2. After telling J what the title meant and how much I like this song, he told me he wishes he can one day call his daughter chiquitita.

3. After listening to the song and the lyrics a good while ago, I already thought it was a really nice happy song that could be applied in many situations.

4. This song makes me cry and makes me smile now. I can sing it to myself, I can sing it from God's perspective, I can sing it from anyone to me and make me feel better.

I sing it when I want to make me smile and look at the sky shining above me.

I sing it when in my eyes there is no hope for tomorrow and I want to tell myself to try once more.

I hear the piano and the instruments and it makes me dance once more.

Even when the tears are rolling down my cheeks I can tell myself "try once more like you did before. Sing a new song, Chiquitita", and know I am not alone and many people are singing this for me.

And my hope for tomorrow? That there is a chiquitita growing up inside me.