Thursday, 14 August 2014

The famous 2 weeks wait and my sanity

Last month, going through my first IUI, I found this article by Dr. Sigal Klipstein: Tips to help you stay sane while waiting for your pregnancy test results.

It helped me a lot and it keeps helping me. Reading that my crying outbursts won't hurt our chances, or that the jump I did in my Zumba classes is not going to hurt the pregnancy if there is one, or that I'm not a bad person for not wanting to talk about it with friends and family if I don't feel like it.

When you are going through something like this, and specially during those 2 waiting weeks, you can drive yourself insane thinking anything you do could affect the pregnancy chances.

Last week I had a horrible headache and I just left it all afternoon because I didn't know if I could take Tylenol. By the moment my mother in law saw me, asked, and told me to please take the Tylenol because it would be fine, I was even looking flushed. Not taking the pills and staying with the pain might even be worse, but here I was, making stuff up about what might be harmful and trying to be in a glass bubble just in case.

Go out, live your life, cry if you want to, exercise. It will be OK! What is meant to be will be, even when is so hard to believe :-)